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Location of Fulton Industrial Park is highly strategic relative to East-West transportation corridor.

LOCATION: The Strategic Importance of East-West Transportation Corridors through Calgary

60% of Long Distance commercial trucking to/from Calgary is East-West.

It may seem counter-intuitive given the north-south axis of local traffic within Calgary and the provincial significance of the Hwy 2 corridor north of Calgary, but an extensive transportation planning strategy commissioned by the City of Calgary shows that the majority of long-distance commercial trucking trips into and out of Calgary take place East-West.

The Calgary Goods Movement Strategy was developed to support the Calgary Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) in determining the transportation improvements needed to help Calgary thrive as a distribution hub over the next 30 years.

Findings of the study include:
  • 70% of all goods by weight entered and exited Calgary by truck
  • 36% of long distance trucking trips are to/from areas west of Calgary
  • 24% of trips are to/from areas east of Calgary
  • 24% of trips are to/from areas north of Calgary
  • Truck movement on highways around Calgary has increased 55% over 15yrs
  • Statistics Canada estimates that $23 billion in goods moved to/from Calgary by road and rail in 2012
Calgary as a Distribution Hub

The recent completion of the north and east portions of the Stoney Trail Ring Road has supported signicant growth in large-scale distribution, warehousing and logistics facilities in north east Calgary and Balzac.  These businesses thrive when they are supported by a sustainable multi-modal transportation network to carry goods to and from Calgary as well as to population density within it.

The continuing emergence of the Calgary region as a distribution hub will accelerate commercial transportation in all directions.  Limited suitability for industrial, warehousing and logistics development west of Calgary makes areas with good access to the Ring Road and to primary East-West transportation corridors highly strategic.  The ring road itself was envisioned in large part to support this east west trade corridor.

The South Calgary Commercial Bypass Route

The completion of the south west portion of the Stoney Trail Ring Road (scheduled for 2021) will significantly enhance the efficiency of East-West commercial shipping movement through Calgary.

The opening of the south west ring road will unlock the south Calgary bypass route which is the most efficient East-West route through Calgary by both drive time and distance.  This route connects Hwy 1 west of Calgary to Hwy 1 east of Calgary via the Hwy 22x Corridor from the South East corner of Calgary.  Major investment along this southern route is already occuring in the City of Calgary, the Tsuut'ina nation and Rocky View County.

Regional Shipping Routes

Fulton Industrial Park

The Fulton Industrial Park is a 525 acre master planned industrial development located directly along the Highway 22x Corridor just east of Calgary in Rocky View County. Fulton Industrial offers cost effective industrial development land for sale as well as build-to-suit industrial building opportunities. For more info: www.fultonindustrial.ca


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