Top 5 Reasons to Choose Fulton Industrial

Fulton's cost-effective development land, build-to-suit and leasing opportunities stand apart with a highly competitive mix of features and benefits. Ready to position your business for success? Contact us today.

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    Strategic Highway 22X Corridor Location

    Positioned on the primary east/west commerical shipping corridor through Calgary, Fulton's location offers a number of strategic and operational benefits:

    • 8 minutes from the Stoney Trail Ring Road
    • Close to the Alberta High Load corridor (Highway 36) which can be accessed due east of Fulton from Highway 22x
    • 26 minutes from YYC International Airport
    • Offers multiple paved connection routes to secondary highways and to Calgary via Highway 22x, 114th Ave, Glenmore Trail and Highway 1
    • Adjacent to the CP Rail main line

    The direct alignment of the TransCanada Highway east of Calgary is with Highway 22x once east of Gleichen, Alberta. Historically, Highway 22x has carried the highest truck counts east of Calgary, up to 75% more than Highway 1. With the completion of the SW Ring Road, Highway 22x will increasingly become a critical commerical transportation corridor.

    Aerial Location Map
    Regional Highway Map
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    Significant Cost Savings

    While Fulton offers businesses close proximity to Calgary's transportation routes, workforce and services, it also offers substantial savings as a result of its Rocky View Country location.

    At Fulton, you will enjoy:

    • Savings of over 50% in upfront & operating costs compared to an identical facility within Calgary's city limits
    • No business tax & significantly lower property taxes than locating within city limits
    • More land for your dollar, with the development standards you would encounter in an urban industrial development
    • Lower utility costs with no municipal franchise fees on utilities, as in Calgary
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    Freedom & Flexibility

    The land use zoning of Fulton Industrial park is designed to accommodate a wide variety of industrial and commercial businesses:

    • Industrial lot sizes from 2.5 acres - 100+ acres
    • Custom subdivisions / assemblies possible
    • Can accommodate large format distribution facilities
    • Architectural Guidelines – practical building guidelines reduce the costs of building development.
    • Flexible zoning allows for outdoor storage and manufacturing
    • No building timeline allowes for outdoor storage and manufacturing
    • Immediate possessions available
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    Urban Development Features

    Fulton's exceptional value includes desirable urban development standards:

    • Rough-graded lots lower your finishing site work costs
    • Three-phase electricity, natural gas and fibre optic communication along all internal roads
    • Underground storm drainage (no roadside ditches)
    • 11.5m wide paved itnernal roads with concrete curb & gutter design
    • Cost effective options for potable and general use water supply
    • Storm water discharge permitted from lots reduces requirement for onsite ponding
  • 5

    Proximity to Southeast Calgary's Workforce & Amenities

    Southeast Calgary continues to lead the growth of Calgary, offering Fulton countless benefits (but without the city's fees and taxation):

    • A workforce residing just 10 minutes east in the city's fastest growing neighbourhoods (Auburn Bay, Mahogany, Seton, Cranston)
    • Calgary's Green Line LRT will extend into Auburn Bay and Mahogany - roughly 10 minutes from Fulton
    • Access to the retail, commercial and public infrastructure supporting the new Calgary South Health Campus
    • Close proximity to southeast Calgary's existing industrial areas and roadways
    • 10 minutes from a workforce and amenities in Chestermere and Langdon
    Southeast Calgary Proximity Map

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